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TPP Candle University: Candle Making Workshops


TPP University: Create-Your-Own Candle Workshops @ TPP HQ Perth

If you’ve ever wanted to create your own custom candle or perfume from scratch – we’re talking selecting from over 150 different kinds of vessels and over 50 different fragrances – then step inside our brand-spankin’-new Perth studio, take a peek behind the curtain, and see where the magic is made!

TPP University’s Learn ‘n Burn Masterclass is now in session! Think: Build-a-Bear, but for candles. And waaaaay cooler. Cos no one wants to see your sh*tty canvas art.

Check out the Lowdown On Our Classes Here or scroll down to the FAQ’s to answer all your questions

See our T&Cs (further down the page) for more info. Don’t @ us if you don’t read ‘em.

Select your date and time from the options below to secure your spot A$AP(Rocky)

Looking to secure more than 6 tickets? Email us here to book ‘em in and maybe even get a cheeky discount.

PLEASE NOTE: Your order confirmation is your ticket. No physical ticket will be sent out. If you would like a physical voucher, then select it here for the amount for your chosen workshop and we will send it out. It will contain a code for you to book a class of your choice.

Word on The Street

“If you live in Perth, you MUST check this out, it was so much fun!” @perthfeast

“The cutest candle making workshop in Perth” @derrymate

“I did the candle making workshop & I loved the experience of learning about scents & meeting new friendly faces” @aaryxo

“Love the atmosphere! Beautiful workshop & always lots of fun” Patricia, Wembley WA

“The whole process & all the smells plus the great decor” @Claires_03

“Everything! So many scents & vessels to choose from when making your ownI Plus love that all the left over wax from the candle making is donated” @Caitlinchristos

“The candle making workshop- It was fun, engaging & hands on!” @Limwalker

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Learn ‘n Burn FAQS:

+ How many people are enrolled in each masterclass? (I hate crowds.)

Numbers will be capped at 24 seriously rad people. For larger or private bookings, please email us with your request.

+ What if I’m flying solo? Can I still come along?

Hella YES! We love and welcome all lone wolves into our pack. And don’t worry; whether we fill every seat or not, all pouring sessions will go ahead as scheduled. (So, if you’re the only booking, you get us *all* to yourself – yippee!)

+ Can I sit with my friends?

Ah, squad goals in the workshop, we love it! You know what they say, good vibes are even better when shared with your besties! So, we highly recommend getting the most responsible person in your crew to make the booking online as a group. That way, we can sprinkle our magic and secure seats for all of you together, ensuring maximum fun throughout the session! 

But hey, if trying to organise your group is like trying to herd cats and it’s just easier to book individually, then that’s A-ok! If you do decide to book individually just shoot us a heads-up beforehand, and we’ll play seat-Tetris to accommodate your gang. OR arrive there about 10 minutes ahead of class, and we’ll work our behind-the-scenes charm to keep your posse close, making memories and crafting masterpieces side by side!  

+ Do you do private sessions?

If you’ve got a squad of 6 or more fabulously creative souls (up to 18 people max), then count us in for a private candle-making extravaganza at our studio! We’ve hosted everything from birthdays, hens parties, christmas parties, corporate shin-digs and even a kids party (GULP! #neveragain)

Picture this – a candle-making soiree like no other, surrounded by your fave people, laughter, and good vibes! So, gather your creative squad, channel your inner Marie Kondo and spark some f*cking joy – because this private candle-making bash is all about celebrating good times with good mates.

Drop us an email with some deets (number of guests, dates etc) and we can send you through all the packages we offer (including BYO).

+ Do you travel offsite for workshops/can you come to me?

Imagine your very own candle-making fiesta, right at your chosen location! We’ve gone on tour and held candle making workshops in dining rooms, hotels, a boardroom on the 43rd floor in the CBD, a high school classroom, you name it, we’ve done a gig there! 

So, here’s the scoop – just shoot us a friendly email at, and let’s get this party started! We’ll dish out all the juicy deets and make sure your private off-site candle-making workshop is the stuff of legends and something your guests will rave about for years to come.

And hey, we promise to bring the magic, the laughs, and a sprinkle of candle-making stardust – all you need to bring is your creativity and some good vibes.

+ Can kids come to the workshop?

We get this one a fair bit. 

As a guest, sorry kiddos, but we’ve got some fancy seats reserved for our paying customers, aka the Big Dogs!  

Now, as for paying and participating students, we’re all about creating a scent-sational experience! But hot wax and kids? Nah, not the best mix!  It’s like trying to put out a campfire by peeing on it – not gonna happen!

We’re talking safety first, people! We wouldn’t want any mini-fingers to get burned or any tiny noses overwhelmed by our 60+ fragrance extravaganza! 

So, we recommend our classes for scent-savvy humans aged 12 and above – it’s like a magical age restriction for maximum fun and zero meltdowns! I’d hate to hate to quote the great Kendrick Lamar and tell someone “Bitch, don’t kill my vibe”.

Let’s keep the laughter and creativity flowing, and create unforgettable memories with the perfect mix of fun and safety.

+ Is the workshop suitable for individuals with allergies or sensitivities?

While we take precautions to provide a safe environment, some participants may have allergies to certain scents. Please inform us of any allergies or sensitivities beforehand, and we will do our best to accommodate your needs.

If you are a particular sensitive snowflake then we have an awesome natural perfume workshop run by a friend that we highly recommend, just ask us!

+ I’ve paid for my order, but haven’t received any tickets?

Oh, no ticket, no problemo! We like to keep things ticketless and stress-free around here – you won’t be needing any fancy-schmancy tickets (physical or digital) to join the fun, your order confirmation is like your golden ticket to the candle wonderland! Kind of like Willy Wonka, but way less creepy. 

On the big day, we’ll have our trusty checklist of names all ready and waiting, like a celebrity guest list into the hottest new club. 

So, don’t stress about forgetting your ticket at home or wondering if it got lost in the email black hole – we’ve got you covered! 

+ Can I take my creation home with me?

Just like Jason Momoa, you’ll be ready to take your custom perfume straight home with you.

Your candle creation needs a little “me time” here at the studio to work its magic, plus 24-48 hours to set (or “cure,” as we like to call it #science ). Just like your parents, we want it to reach its full potential, so it’s all about giving it the perfect ambiance to shine! So hang tight, gorgeous! Your candle is in good hands, and soon enough, you’ll be basking in its warm glow, filling your space with that irresistible fragrance you crafted yourself, all while feeling smug AF for creating such a masterpiece.

+ How do I get my finished candle?

If you’re all about that instant gratification (we get it, patience isn’t always a virtue), swing by The Prospect Project Studio, the mecca of candle awesomeness, at 69 Guthrie Street, Osborne Park, Perth on Wednesdays and Saturdays between 10 am to 2 pm, no appointment needed! Your candle will be there, ready to be swooped into your loving arms! 

But wait, we totally get if you’ve got a busy schedule or live far away from our little candle haven. Fear not! We’ve got a magical solution! For just $15 flat rate (payable on the day, easy peasy!), we’ll sprinkle some shipping fairy dust and have your candle swiftly flying to your doorstep anywhere in Australia! It’s like magic, only better – it’s scented magic!

+ Can I make an extra candle/perfume on the day?

We love that fiery enthusiasm so, here’s the deal – if you feel like unleashing your inner scent-making wizard and want an extra dose of ambiance, well you’re in for a treat, because yes, yes, and yes – you can absolutely make an extra creation at the workshop! 

For the cost of a few extra drops of our finest fragrances and a sprinkle of fragrance-making magic, you can add an additional candle to your collection for just $50 and an additional perfume for $80.

+ What if I don’t like any of the fragrances?

Not every scent is everyone’s cup of tea, and that’s okay! We’ve got a little secret stash that’s about to blow your scent-loving mind! Brace yourself for this – we’ve got not just 10, not 20, but over 60 dazzling varieties of fragrance in every category imaginable waiting for you to explore! 

From zesty citrus bursts to cozy vanilla cuddles, and everything in between – we’ve got your nostrils covered! We like to keep things fresh, fun, and filled with options – if you’ve got a fragrance wishlist of your own, we’ll be all ears! Feel free to let us know, and we’ll do our best to sprinkle your fave scents into the mix!

+ What should I wear?

Whether you’re sporting your activewear, your fanciest outfit, or just a sprinkle of your personality, we can’t wait to see you shine at our workshop!

But hey, if you’re worried about a little crafty mess, fear not! We’ve got heaps aprons, so you can let your creativity run wild without a care in the world!

+ Can I still come to a Cocktails + Candles Class if I don’t drink alcohol?

Oh, you betcha, you sassy sober star!  Who needs alcohol when you’ve got that sparkling personality and a heart full of creativity? Sober = sexy, and we’re here for it! 

At our cocktails and candles class, we’ve always got non-alcoholic delights that’ll have you saying, “Move over, booze – there’s a new star in town!” 

So, whether you’re a teetotal trendsetter or just prefer to keep things alcohol-free, we’ve got you covered like a snuggly blanket on a chilly night!

+ What nibbles are included as part of cocktails and candles?

During your 90-minute scent-sational adventure, we’ll provide you with popcorn, pretzels, lollies, and all the goodies that make your taste buds dance!  Because who says you can’t craft and snack at the same time? Multitasking at its finest!

But hey, let’s keep it real – this ain’t no Sizzler buffet or a fancy Nobu feast! We’re all about the nibbles, not serving up a three-course dinner!

So, make sure you’re not rolling in on an empty stomach like a tumbleweed – we want you fuelled up and ready to create some magic!

+ How long do the classes go for?

Our deluxe candle making class is like a quick, but oh-so-delicious espresso shot of creativity!  Who wants to sit there for hours on end and learn all the boring stuff? Nope, not us. We’re packing everything you need to know to create a beautiful one of a kind candle in 60 minutes.

Our perfume class is  like the perfect rom-com movie – not too long to get fidgety and not too short to leave you craving more! We’ve got the perfect formula to whip up your dream fragrance while keeping you thoroughly entertained for 90-120mins so get ready to mix, blend, and twirl – in no time, you’ll be strutting out of that class with a custom perfume that’s as unique as a unicorn in stilettos! 

Now, if you’re feeling a little more sassy and ready to indulge, our cocktails and candles class is your go-to choice! This fabulous experience will have you crafting your unique candle while sipping on some delightful drinks, all wrapped up in approximately 90 minutes of pure fun and laughter!

+ Do I need any prior experience to join the workshop?

Unlike your first resume, you won’t have to pretend to have any experience. Zero! Zilch! NADA! The workshop is designed for beginners, and our instructors will guide you through the process step by step.


The Small Print

(Otherwise known as the Events Terms and Conditions)


We’re all about having fun, and we want your candle making experience to be nothing short of euphoric. However, there are risks when working with hot wax, and we accept no liability for anyone acting recklessly or irresponsibly in any way that may cause harm to themselves, other participants, or our staff. 

The Prospect Project and its employees are not liable or responsible for any accidental injury to participants or any loss or damage to personal possessions.

While we’re big fans of the kiddos, we don’t allow children under 15 years old to participate. Trust us; kids + hot wax + a few wines = not a fun time.

Can I change my booking?

Oh, you’ve got that itch for a little scheduling dance, don’t you? Sh*t happens, and so does life, so fear not, master of booking shuffles! 

We’ve got you covered – we offer one epic change of date/time up to 1 week prior to your scheduled class.

Now, we must warn you, this rescheduling extravaganza is dependent on availability – it’s like trying to fit a whole box of cheezels into your gob in one sitting: difficult, but not impossible.

Don’t fret though – we’ll work our magic to find the perfect spot for you, just like fitting the last piece in a puzzle.

So, if you’re itching to change your booking, just slide on in to our inbox and we will do what we can to make it happen.

What’s your cancellation policy?

Bookings are non-refundable and final (#SorryNotSorry).

Cancellations must be submitted to us via email at least 24 hours prior.
While we *totally* get that shit happens and plans change, we also ask that you be mindful that we’re a small studio offering limited spaces in intimate classes, so we may not be able to fill your seat with such short notice.

We’re all about being understanding and flexible, so we offer one magical change of date and time up until 1 week prior to your scheduled class.

Now, we do have a tiny little rule – if there’ve been more twists and turns in the date/time than a thrilling roller coaster ride or last-minute cancellations that make our heads spin, we won’t be able to offer a refund or reschedule/credit. It’s like that one time we tried ice skating – things got a bit wobbly! 

So, remember, open communication is the key! We’re here to work our magic and make your candle making and perfume making dreams come true.If you do need to cancel (up to 24 hours prior to your scheduled class) , you may choose between rescheduling your session to another available date or being issued a store credit to purchase items from our online store.

Can’t make it but know someone who can? You’re more than welcome to send a friend in your place. Just advise us (as per above) and let us know your friend’s details.

What if I’m late?

Let me set the scene: there’s a fabulous bunch of up to 16 other people in the class, all on their own unique schedules, and you’re breezing through the doors 15 minutes late, all eyes are on you and now you’re flustered and just trying to catch up. Not our idea of a good time. So, to keep the creativity flowing we recommend allowing plenty of time for traffic, parking, ducks crossing and any other cosmic surprises!

Arriving on time is like scoring a bullseye – it’s simply perfect! But hey, we won’t hold it against you if you arrive even 10 minutes early – that’s dedication! 

Now, here’s the scoop – we’ll kick off formal proceedings at 10 minutes past the start time. That’s right, we like to keep things as smooth as our well-crafted fragrance oils!  But, if you find yourself running a little late, no worries! Just know that arriving late means cutting your own fabulous time short – nobody wants that, right?

And to make sure everyone has the chance to dive into the candle and perfume magic, if you arrive more than 30 minutes late, we’ll have to treat your booking as a no-show. See you soon, punctual genius!

Sessions run between 60 – 120 minutes, depending on the number of participants and how much gossiping we do.
We recommend arriving 10 minutes early to ensure you get a car park, settle in, and be ready to go when the session commences. Trust us; you wanna be chill for this!

What if I am sick?

Ah, the dreaded sniffles and sneezes – we’ve all been there!  But hey, in these COVID times, we’re all about safety first and being good memberinos of the community! 

If you find yourself under the weather and feeling like a melting candle (not the good kind), we appreciate your honesty and doing the right thing by us and everyone else!  So, if you’re not feeling your best, it’s all good – just let us know ASAP via email (not Instagram or Facebook, because those platforms can be as unpredictable as a sneeze and a fart at the same time). 

We’re like scent superheroes, ready to save the day and reschedule your class so you don’t miss out on all the aromatic fun!  Because hey, a sniffly nose and creating fragrance magic don’t exactly go hand in hand.

So, put on your cozy PJs, brew yourself a cup of soothing tea, and give us a holler. We’ll be here to sprinkle some rescheduling fairy dust and make sure you get to create your candle and perfume masterpieces when you’re feeling like a million bucks again! 


The Prospect Project reserves the right to take photographs and video footage during pouring sessions that may include participants and use these photographs and video footage for advertising across all media forms, in perpetuity, and without payment to students.


Your candle might have a few lumps, bumps, and dimples – but hey, who doesn’t? We’ve perfected our craft over many years to bring you the best candles in the world (#SitDownBeHumble). Therefore, you shouldn’t expect yours to be as flawless as ours (but that’s all part of the experience!)

Dimples, bubbles, holes, etc., in the surface of your candle may occur due to variables, but trust us; after burning it for the first time, these will melt away, and your candle will still smell and burn normally.

Any candles that aren’t collected (or have postage arranged) within 3 months will be donated to an NFP of our choice.


It’s the responsibility of all participants to read, understand, and adhere to these terms and conditions. 

For group bookings, it’s the responsibility of the person making the booking to inform other participants of our terms and conditions.


Saturday 13 July 1:30pm Deluxe Candle Making Class 60mins, Saturday 20 July 4pm Cocktails + Candles 90mins, Saturday 3 August 5pm Cocktails + Candles 90mins, Saturday 17 August 3pm Deluxe Candle Making Class 60mins, Sunday 18 August 12:30pm Deluxe Candle Making Class 60mins, Saturday 27 September 2pm Deluxe Candle Making Class 60mins, Saturday 14 September 2pm Deluxe Candle Making Class 60mins, Saturday 14 September 5pm Cocktails + Candles 90mins, Saturday 21 September 1pm Deluxe Candle Making Class, Saturday 5 October 4pm Cocktails + Candles 90mins, Saturday 12 October 1:30pm Deluxe Candle Making Class 60mins, Saturday 19 October 1:30pm Deluxe Candle Making Class 60mins, Saturday 26 October 1:30pm Deluxe Candle Making Class 60mins

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