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The Prospect Project – Candles for the People, Perth WA


We donate $2 from every order to not for profit causes


Donated to not for profits so far…

handful of brands we’ve had the pleasure of working with

(Yep, even the big dogs think we’re hot sh*t.)


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  • found an Aus candle company that donate part of your purchase price to charity. On top of the cute treats, they also reuse their packaging and use a carbon neutral courier with compostable satchels. Love your work @prospectproject can’t wait to light these bad boys later.

  • Well…shit! What cant i say about you guys?! The customer service is incredible, honestly….so bloody good, you know the replies are coming from just down to earth decent humans that makes the whole process feel human. The quality is amazing, the scent, the packaging and the ability to have anything you want written on it. Oh oh oh AND they donate to good causes. I mean, fuck me right?! Can i get any better

  • i bought a “smells like birthday cake” candle for my 29th birthday. I was still able to keep it burning thru till my 30th birthday. A real treat and filled the air with birthday nostalgia. Looking for wine scented candles, and will keep an eye on ur online store for restocks.

  • i love The Prospect Project candles. I have purchased numerous candles as gifts and for my own home and most recently custom candles with my branding. Orders have always had a fast turn around and a quick and easy process. Unicorn poo is my go to scent but all the scents are awesome.

  • “that Boujee candle is burning non-stop in lockdown”

  • “the recyclable packaging, the unicorn poo, the incredible scents, the heart behind your business! Love it!”

  • “these candles are a vibe!”

  • “I just love you and your fabulous do-good candles”

  • “bloody amazing”


  • “Just take my money”
  • “sweet mother of god”

  • “my all time fave”

  • “holy cow it’s good”

  • “literally, the most delicious, summer craving inducing candle”

  • “delicious and nourishing which is basically the same thing”

  • “nothing has ever smelt as good as this”

  • “For a small business, it has such a huge impact! Where else can you buy something to treat yourself that not only smells great, can make you laugh and gives back to the community through charitable donations plus recycles! If society thought more about who it invested in, supporting amazing companies like this, 2020 would be a walk in the park!”

  • “Just love the original and clever names of all the flavours, plus love that you support charities”

  • “I love the no f*cks given emails, I always read them just for the lols”

  • “It was love at first smell”

  • I truly haven’t fallen in love with a candle brand like this for a while, honestly, the Melbourne scent is incredible and beats a lot of Diptyque and Maison Balzac scents!”

    Fran Lee
  • “Love, love, LOVE! Can’t wait to buy more”

  • “Mandatory candle ownership. Nothing compares. Do yourself a favour, your home, your friends a favour”

  • “The gingerbread candle has made my new house, four hours from my family, into a home”

  • “I’ve found it. The greatest candle ever made”

  • Holy moly, these lil’ suckers are a candle-y game changer!

    I can’t decide what I love more: the simple, on-trend, minimalist branding which speaks my (sassy) Love Language; the heavenly scents – with just a hint of ‘f*ck you’ vibes – that are so damn good I actually drooled into the Lemon Meringue Pie candle (#truestory); or the fact that a portion of each order goes to a deserving charity of my choice. Bravo, team. BRA-vo. *slow clap*”

  • “Beyond expectation. Not only do they smell incredibly divine but they look so fabulous! Thank you thank you thank you!”

    Ashley, Sydney
  • “Would it be acceptable to eat this?”

  • “Everyone loves unicorns right?”

  • “If this is what unicorn poo really smells like I want to bathe in it”

  • “After burning this to the bottom I can confidently say that if I had a pet unicorn I’d let it poo inside.”

  • “This amazing candle came today, I’m obsessed”


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It’s me.
Hi 👋🏼 
I’m the problem, it’s me.
Where it all began @grilldburgers 

I always loved being charitable but hated being hounded in the shopping centre or guilted into donating. That doesn’t feel good.

I was super inspired when @grilldburgers launched - you got your lil token, you got to choose which cause to support, the causes were local, it just felt GOOD.

So I took this business model and put my own spin on it! Fast forward 10 years, 100,000 candles and a whole lot of donations (more on that to come, stay tuned) later and I’m so proud to be taking my daughter back there and making being kind cool for her too.
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You guys go wild whenever I share these to my stories, so here you go. All 100% real. Whether you’re relating or just laughing at me, here you go enjoy 🤦🏽‍♀️🤷🏽‍♀️
Perth CBD it’s your last chance to catch us @140perth at our candle making pop up as part of their GLOW: The Art of Light Event this Thursday.

Join us at 12:30pm and make your very own custom candle for just $20!!!! You read that right! 

Only a few tickets remain here:

Get em while they’re hot 🔥✌🏼
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Is this the most exciting content? nah. But for the 1 person that this helps, you’re welcome. Shoutout to the GOAT @bosistos for coming in clutch every time 👏🏼
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