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We’re here to make being charitable sexy and less “annoying person wearing a lanyard in the middle of the shopping centre you’re trying to avoid eye contact with”.

When you do good, you feel good, and every time you purchase our candles you can be assured that you are making a difference by supporting worthy not for profit causes that are bringing about positive change.

$2 from every single order goes to your choice of not for profit cause.

Here’s who we’re currently donating to:

The Pirate Ship Foundation

The Pirate Ship Foundation is a bold and passionate community that funds vital research into childhood brain cancer through a range of initiatives, adventures, events and partnerships.

Childhood brain cancer kills more Australian children than any other disease.

The identification of improved treatment options for children with brain cancer is their primary objective, ultimately leading to a cure.

They believe it's important for the wider community to have an understanding of the impact of a brain cancer diagnosis to a child and their family.

Even in the most fortunate of cases, treatments are so damaging to a developing brain that they leave shocking, irreversible and life long-side effects.

They know that together we can support research that will deliver better outcomes and make a significant difference to those children and their families. They can achieve this through fundraising.

Funds are invested directly into childhood brain cancer research programs, including to the Brain Tumour Research Program at Telethon Kids Institute in Perth.

Worthy Australia

Poverty or violence? That is a decision that Worthy believe no woman or child should have to make.

Founded by Perth nurse Jennifer McGivern, Worthy Australia is a Perth based not-for-profit organisation that provides life changing support to women & children who have experienced homelessness due to domestic violence.

Through their Safe Haven program, the volunteers at Worthy Australia turn empty houses into beautiful fully furnished homes for families  who without this program, are unable to leave domestic violence refuge.

The beauty of the Worthy Safe Havens are not only in the tangible goods that are gifted unconditionally, but in the gift of things that cannot be seen, only felt.  Each Safe Haven gives a  brave family  the gift of kindness and compassion through the creation of a home they can be proud of. With a Safe Haven  comes safety and comfort but most importantly, give them hope & self-worth... things that are taken away from from a person when they experience violence and trauma.

Breaking the cycle of domestic violence related homelessness is the mission at Worthy Australia and through the Safe Haven Program and soon to be launched Career Worthy Women Scholarship program, they are making a real difference.

Butterly Foundation

Butterfly Foundation is the national charity for all Australians impacted by eating disorders and body image issues, and for the families, friends and communities who support them.

Butterfly changes lives by providing innovative, evidence-based support services, treatment and resources, delivering prevention and early intervention programs and advocating for the needs of our community.

Butterfly highlights the realities for those seeking treatment for recovery, and advocates for improved access to effective, affordable care. Throughout its work Butterfly also emphasises the critical importance of prevention and early intervention strategies in limiting the development of, and suffering from, negative body image and eating disorders.

Butterfly operates a National Helpline that includes support over the phone, via email and online, reaching 20,000 people each year. The Helpline is staffed by trained counsellors experienced in assisting with eating disorders and body image issues.

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