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We’re here to make being charitable sexy and less “annoying person wearing a lanyard in the middle of the shopping centre you’re trying to avoid eye contact with”.

When you do good, you feel good, and every time you purchase our candles you can be assured that you are making a difference by supporting worthy not for profit causes that are bringing about positive change.

$2 from every single order goes to your choice of not for profit cause.

Here’s who we’re currently donating to:

Fair Game’s mission is to empower and support children and young people in remote communities to make healthy lifestyle choices. They do this through:

Weekly after school programs in Kununurra, Broome and Port Hedland, where volunteers actively participate in fun fitness games with the kids, helping build rapport and providing opportunities to build confidence, learn teamwork and leadership while playing in a safe environment.

Each year there are over 6000 fitness and health education program session participants in over 30 remote communities across the Kimberley, Pilbara, MidWest and Wheatbelt. Fair Game work closely with communities to ensure the program is tailored to their priorities and delivered at times of high community need – usually when other services aren’t available.

Through the donation of preloved sports shoes and equipment to anyone who needs it to increase their access to sport and its mental, physical and social benefits. Annually over 14,000 items are donated, either directly to communities in response to specific requests or through other not for profit organisations who use sport to support their communities.

“Rescuing Cats from the Perils of the Streets” was the original aim of the Cat Welfare Society when it was established in 1961. Thanks to the efforts of dedicated staff and volunteers over many years we have grown to become Western Australia’s premier cat welfare organisation, trading under the name of Cat Haven.

Cat Haven, WA’s largest shelter for homeless, lost and abused cats. Our vision is that every WA cat should be a well-cared for cat and we work towards achieving this by providing:

Shelter facilities for lost, abandoned and stray cats;

A foster care program that allows sick, injured and shy animals to recover in volunteers’ homes until they are ready for adoption; and

A re-homing program at the Cat Haven campus as well as through a network of 23 external adoption centres across the metropolitan area.

Cat Haven takes in 7,000-9,000 cats and kittens every year and has a zero euthanasia rate for treatable re-homable cats. We have over 700 members, employ 55 staff and are supported by 71 volunteers who assist at the shelter and over 800 volunteer foster carers.

Bravehearts is an Australian child protection organisation solely dedicated to the holistic and coordinated prevention and treatment of child sexual abuse. Bravehearts works to educate, empower and protect children from sexual abuse.  They do this through personal safety and consent education for children and young people, specialist counselling and support, child protection training and advisory, research and advocacy.

Bravehearts runs an Information and Support Line, a toll-free phone service for those seeking advice or help related to child sexual abuse, including what to do if your child or someone you know has disclosed child sexual abuse.

As one of Australia’s most trusted charities, at all times they act with respect, integrity, energy, empathy and bravery, as they strive towards a vision of a world where people, communities and systems all work together to protect children from sexual abuse.  Above all else, the protection of children and survivors is at the heart of everything they do.

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