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Clean Soy Candle


This candle won’t mop your floors for you, but it’ll make your house smell less like a dump, so there’s that.

Everyone knows that one weirdo meticulous human who froths over cleaning their house till it looks like something out of Home and Garden magazine. They’re usually the friends who have a lot of white (stain-free) furniture, and floors so squeaky clean that you could literally eat off them (if they’d let you). And if they weren’t the kind of people who always offer to stay back after children’s parties to help clean up, we probably wouldn’t be friends with them, right?

So, to honour our curious clean freak mates, we created the perfect scented candle that not only burns clean but also smells clean. 

With a delicate mix of fresh apple, zesty lime, woodsy cedar, and odour-zapping lavender, our hand-poured Clean soy candle delivers exactly what it promises, while smelling better than any bullshit air freshener in a can. 

Buy it for: The Type-A clean freak in your life who gets off on the smell of fresh laundry drying in the sunshine on a breezy day (*deep inhale*).

Size: Approx. 470g with 80+ hours burn time

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