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The Recycling Project


Our love for all things Mother Nature is nothing new. We have been eco-friendly and socially conscious since day dot. However, our mission always has been (and always will be) to constantly evolve, self-examine, and take stock on how we can do better.

Cool story. What’s with the glass jars?

Did you know it takes a shitload of heat to create glass? And energy? And stuff?! (Yep, for reals).

So, we all know that glass is made from sand. But it’s not straight off the beach grainy stuff we’re talkin’ about here; the sand has to be melted down and then mixed with waste glass from recycling collections, as well as soda ash and limestone to ensure it forms into the clear and solid AF glass we all know and love.

What’s really annoying is that not all types of glass can be recycled. (Boo.) This includes ceramic and decorative glass – as in, most fancy-schmancy candle canisters.

That’s why when we first began designing our candles, we intentionally chose our iconic clear glass jars. Not only are they a nod to our humble beginnings making candles out of recycled glass jars on a stovetop in a Perth kitchen, but they’re also recyclable (both by us and if emptied of wax and placed in your recycling bin).

Now more than ever, consumers care about where their products came from, and they want to know what they can do to reduce the impact of their purchase on the environment.

That’s why we’re proud to offer a simple local recycling scheme, which entitles our Perth-based customers to exchange any of our empty glass jars for $1 off their next candle purchase.

It’s all part of our continued efforts to reduce the amount of waste our business produces while lovin’ on and honouring the planet’s OG, Mother Nature.

The scheme will apply only to Qualifying Packaging purchased initially from The Prospect Project or any stockist of our candles. The Prospect Project staff shall have sole discretion in determining whether the jars being returned qualify under this scheme.

Qualifying Packaging should be returned to the Prospect Project HQ in Osborne Park, WA.

Please drop us a line at to arrange a suitable time to drop your jars to us.

For each item of Qualifying Packaging, you’ll receive a $1.00 return towards your purchase of any qualifying full price product in the form of a unique code to use on your next purchase at

This offer has no cash value, and you will only be able to receive the $1.00 return towards purchases made from The Prospect Project’s online store.

The Prospect Project reserves the right to withdraw or amend this scheme at any time on a month’s notice, such notice to be given on this page.

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