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From: $22.50 / month for 12 months

Tell your mates to stick their posh Wine of the Month Club memberships up their snobby clackers, ‘cos we’ve got the hottest subscription box that’s guaranteed to get you lit!

Packed with all the best smells and the iconic, no B.S labels you love, our candle subscription box is designed to bring a bit of warmth (and a shitload of sass) to your favourite space, every month. Think of it as a lil’ gift to you, from you

Go wild (á la Britney, circa 2007) and let us surprise you with our fave picks. Just select your candle combo and delivery frequency, and wait for your monthly delivery to drop at your crib.

Buy it for: Yourself, ‘cos you know you deserve it. (Trust us; Future You will be high-fiving Present You for being such a forward thinker.) Also perfect for when you need extra pressies on hand for those events you can’t turn up to empty-handed, but CBF venturing out to the shops.

So, how does it work?

What’s your flavour? Oooooh, tell me what’s your flavour?
Let us surprise you with all kinds of exclusive flavours not available anywhere else (All killer, no filler. Guaranteed.)

Tell us what you want* (*What you really, really want)

Select a subscription box combination and frequency. Yep, that’s right – you’re in control here.

FREE delivery Right on time
Submit your order and stalk your postie until your first drop arrives. First delivery is on us!

Cut off date
When you purchase your subscription, you will be charged on the 27th of every month when your subscription will renew. If you sign up from the 20th-26th of any month then you will be charged on the 27th and receive your first shipment. If you sign up on the 28th-start of any month you won’t be charged or shipped anything until the 27th.

Subscription Box Options 3 month subscription 6 month subscription 12 month subscription
Spark Me Up: Choose from: 1 x regular candle


3 x mini candles

$25.50/month $24.00/month $22.50/month
Burnin’ Love: 2 x regular candles $42.50/month $40/month $37.50/month
Psst! You’ll save: 15% OFF RRP 20% OFF RRP 25% OFF RRP


Burn Candles. Do Good.

We’re more than just another basic candle company – we’re here to set the world on fire. (Geddit?) That’s why $2 from your order will go directly to a not-for-profit organisation of your choice.

Thanks to your support, we have been able to donate over $34,000 to worthy causes so far. (Because baby, it’s a wide world – and we’re here to light it up, one bright prospect at a time.)

Jar Recycling Program

Mother Nature is so Gangster

Shipping Info

Baby light my fire

We gonna let it burn, burn, burn

Tips and tricks (for when your wick is being extra AF)


Box Size

Spark Me Up – 1 regular candle, Spark Me Up – 3 mini candles, Burnin' Love – 2 regular candles

Subscription Length

3 Months (15% discount), 6 Months (20% discount), 12 Months (25% discount)

  1. Kate Hedges

    HOLY HECK I COULDN’T LOVE THIS MORE IF I TRIED. The best decision I have ever made, having an endless supply of Prospect Project candles at my disposal. Monthly supplies that make everyone ask “What’s that smell?!” Sign. Me. Up.

  2. Evie

    Finally people are asking what that smell is and it’s a GOOD THING! Having a new stinky baby to spice up my bedroom/ office/ bathroom/ everywhere if I could, has been the best thing since sliced bread. Same time next month? 😉

  3. Jade

    There’s soy pours in this house, there’s soy pours in this house…
    Certified PEAK every 4 weeks…
    Candle game strong, make them others smell WEAK!

    A lil slice of happy delivered to my door once a month… loved living footloose & fancy free with the surprise scents option!

    Brb gonna go huff my growing collection….

  4. Keari Arrigoni (verified owner)

    These candles are an honest to god LIFE SAVER for my small business!! I have them burning every day and without a doubt EVERY SINGLE CLIENT will ask me where they are from, or what smells so good!!
    The delivery service is super handy, and my god, the scents 🤤🤤🤤
    10/10 recommend!

  5. Ely Fisher

    I’ve become obsessed with these candles. They are by far the longest lasting candles I’ve owned & being on the subscription was super fun, because before a candle had even run out or even half used, another one arrived in the mail. I also enjoyed the varieties in scents! I didn’t know what was going to show up each month!
    I’ve it’s been 3 months since receiving candles and I can still light and use all 3. Love how the design and labels on them all match eachother and it feels like I’ve now got a theme going on around my house with friends reading the labels and picking each candle up to see if it really does smell like “sour lollies” or “lemonade”
    Highly recommend

  6. Pim

    I had a three month subscription with sour lollies, kiwi custard and green apple included and I must say that all of the candles smelt seriously delicious. For such small little jars, their scent spreads across our apartment so well! Could not recommend these yummy candles enough.

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